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The story behind the studio

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

My Mam was a seamstress and ran her own business making bespoke bridal wear. She ran this business from home where she worked all the hours sent to care for me and my four siblings as well as hand craft magnificent wedding gowns. For me this was definitely where the wedding obsession began. I would love to look through all of the fabric swatches and through the wedding magazines looking at all of the beautiful wedding dresses. I took and interest in sewing and my Mam taught me the basics of sewing and on occasion I would then grow to help her, stitching on beads and other assistance jobs. I knew, even back then, that getting married was so important to me.

Fast forward many years and that time came. I was engaged to be married to my childhood sweetheart. However, I was incredibly nervous to find my wedding dress. I had no idea what I wanted, what would suit my body shape. All I knew is I wanted to feel great and wear something that reflected me and my personality. I went to many shops and had many different experiences!! These experience (a mixture of positive and not so positive) have helped me to define what Rare Bridal Studio would stand for. It made sense for me to open a bridal boutique. It's always been there- the passion, the love for wedding gowns. What they stand for and how important they are.

At Rare Bridal Studio, I believe that brides should feel relaxed, at ease and in a private location where they can truly have my full attention. I believe that finding a piece that is unique and you feel super comfortable in is really important too. Brides should have access to not just the big names in weddings but also the independent labels. This really has helped me focus what we stand for. Not long into planning I decided that I would only stock UK designed and made, independent labels that are not currently represented in the North East of England. I believe strongly that Rare Bridal Studio brings something different to the market. We will look after you all the way. We will help you to make sure that your dress fits you perfectly with our complimentary alteration service because nobody wants to wear an ill-fitting dress- especially on their wedding day!

On my wedding day, I felt amazing and I wouldn't have changed a things about how I looked and the decisions I made. Everybody should feel that way and we are here to help you to achieve that look- whatever that may be!

The studio has been designed to create an airy, bright space that is private for you and your closest friends/family. We bring you expert knowledge about fabrics and styles and will help you on your journey. Send us a booking request so we can start chatting about the look for your day and hopefully we can help you achieve that!

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Here at Rare Bridal Studio  we stock only the finest products from UK based designers. We have a wide collection of looks, veils and accessories. Book an appointment now to see our carefully curated collection. 

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