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THE Rare Bridal shopping experience

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I thought I would lay out for all of you lovely brides-to-be what to expect on your shopping experience with us!

1.THE ENVIRONMENT- I thought really carefully about what I wanted to the environment to look and feel like. This was really important to me because I felt it was really important to a have a private and safe space where the focus is really on you and your big day. So with that in mind, I have created a modern, airy yet cosy studio that has no passing traffic. So basically, when you arrive for your appointment, you are guaranteed to have the dresses and my attention all to you!

2. WELCOME- Before we get into trying on gowns, I like to get to know you a bit more. I believe that this is such an important part of the appointment because, let's be honest we all have a different vision of what we want to look like on our big day and, as of yet, I cannot read minds! So this is your chance to tell me a bit about you, your day and what you hope to look like (if you know!) Don't worry if you don't know specifics about what you want your dress to look like because 9/10 you end up buying something totally different from what you first went in for. I would recommend you think about the vibe of your day and we will work with creating a look to compliment your day rather than working with a list of specific features you want/don't want on your dress.

So this part of this appointment is all about relaxing on our pink, velvet sofa and enjoying a complimentary drink and telling me all about YOU!

3.LETS HIT THE RAILS!- My favourite part! This is the bit where you get to dive into the gorgeous rails of textures, fabrics, cuts and tulle. You will be able to try on as many pieces as you would like (we don't put a limit on) but usually this is about 4 or 5 looks. Because we only carry one of each style, it is unlikely it will fit you perfectly as soon as you put it on but I am here to help fit you into the dress so that you get a feel for what the gown would feel like once it has been handmade to your size. Please do not worry about this part because I am here to make you feel your very best!

4.THE LOOK- once you've tried on a few styles and you are starting to get a feel for what you might want to wear on your big day, we then start to add some accessories and veils (if they are your thing) to help you see the completed look. If you already have shoes, accessories and veils that you want to wear, bring them with you and we can try and match them up to your gown. However, we have a stunning collection here in the studio to look at try on.

5.YAY or NAY - Over to you again on this one. Once we have helped you create your bridal look its up to you whether you want to 'say yes to the dress' or if you want to continue looking or have think about it. I cannot stand pressure sales and I really don't want you to buy a gown that you are not 100% happy with. So my ethos and vibe of the studio is laid back and no pressure! I want you to enjoy your appointment with us and hopefully I will have helped you on your bridal journey to find the look for your day whether you buy with me or not.

6.A PART OF THE FAMILY- I would like all of my brides to feel like when they shop with us they are apart of the Rare Bridal family. We really look after you! When you buy with us, you leave with a goody bag of treats to celebrate your purchase. Then I will be getting in touch with the designers to order our dress. I work in direct contact with the designers I work with and as you know are all UK based so I personally make sure everything is going ahead and working within a good time frame. Once your dress, accessories or veils have been made then you will come back to the studio to try everything on. For the most part the dress will fit you well however it many need a few alterations here and there just to make it perfect. So as a complimentary service we will carry out any minor alterations free of charge so that you feel 100% happy with your dress. This is done by a highly experienced bridal seamstress. Because, after all, we want you to enjoy your day and feel your very best!

We cannot wait to meet you!

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